Vive Barcelona: Spanish intensive course
for Crew Privilege

What if only after 20 hours of Spanish lessons you could…

  • Have friendly conversations with the people you meet.
  • Know how to interact at a local shop, winning the staff over!
  • Accept or decline invitations in a polite way.
  • Suggest plans to Spanish-speaking people.
  • Order meals and/or drinks at restaurants.
  • Express your opinion or preferences regarding certain things.
  • Explain what kind of work you do.
  • Address Spanish-speaking customers in their own language.

At Ontraining we know that Crew Privilege members who arrive at the port of Barcelona for work also want to discover the dynamic and colourful atmosphere outside the port. With our Vive Barcelona Spanish intensive course, especially designed for Crew Privilege members, you’ll be able to feel at home in the city. It will be your key to be able to disconnect and feel at home, living local experiences during your breaks.

Your social life in Barcelona has only just begun!

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Speaking Spanish is necessary to be able to experience the authentic Barcelona. The city’s dynamic and cheerful atmosphere will be even more welcoming if you know how to communicate naturally with its people. Shall we talk?

We have selected the Spanish content to meet with your needs:
Introducing yourself formally and informally
Talking about hobbies
Talking about your job
Ordering in a restaurant
Talking about likes and dislikes
Giving your opinion and making suggestions
Food and drink
Travel plans
Clothes and shops
The city: directions and locations
Public transport
Local expressions and colloquialisms
Presente indicativo
Presente perfecto
Personal and reflexive pronouns
Futuro próximo (ir + a…)
Wishes and opinions with que + subj.
Level A1-A2

As a beginner, you will learn basic vocabulary and structures, as well as some idioms to be able be understood in your every day.

Level B1-B2

From intermediate to upper-intermediate level, you will learn the Spanish vocabulary and common structures and phrases in order to sound local.

*Oral and written level placement tests are free once you register to the course.


The course can be set up in your company premises, so it’s easier for you to attend to class, or we could also set it up in our premises.

C/ Violant d’Hongria, 107-109 local A
08028 – Barcelona (esquina C/Joan Güell)
Metro: Plaça de Sants (L1, L5)
Metro: Plaça del Centre (L3)

Vive Barcelona Spanish intensive course includes :
20-hour face-to-face training in a reduced group of people
Specific contents relevant to your everyday needs
Additional online material with private access
Access to a collection of real templates and documents
Life-time access to a glossary of most important terms
Level placement tests and certificate of attendance

Our team of teachers has created a unique methodology
so that you learn quickly and effectively.

ontraining inensivos clases

Let’s get to the point!

Specific content to work around socailizing. It won’t just be about your hobbies and your family, belive us.

We don’t study, we practice!

Reinforcing individual skills in interactions with other people, with lots of role-plays. In the end, it’s all about communicating, right?

We’re a team!

Groups of 4/6 students, the right balance between participatory dynamics and personalised attention. If you expect to go unnoticed, this course isn’t for you.

First class teachers

Our teachers are natives with a certificate of pedagogical aptitude and business experience. Because any language teacher won’t do to teach our curriculum.

Total immersion. No excuses

All communication with your teacher will be in the language you’re studying. Disconnecting isn’t allowed, even during the coffee break. Well, you might sometimes hear a “bye!”, but we won’t hold it against them.

Variety is the spice of life

To satisfy different types of students and achieve dynamism, we combine a variety of activities, digital materials and simulations. It’s intensive, not boring!

Our courses are not based on boring grammar exercises.
You will learn by speaking in real life situations!

How much does your Barcelona social life cost?
  • 495

Book your place now and master the language that would open the door to your Barcelona experience.

  • Hands-on real-life training with a native teacher
  • Full support in a reduced group of 4-6 students
  • An intensive and thorough programme so you maximize your time without having to wait a long time to see any improvement
  • The comfort of studying in your own company without having to commute around the city
  • Great variety of extra didactic materials to make your learning easier

Contact us and you will get all the information you need.

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Nos gustaría destacar el esfuerzo constante en la búsqueda de los profesionales que mejor se adapten a las necesidades de la empresa, su nivel de compromiso, el seguimiento continuo de la formación y la atención personalizada al cliente.

Carmen Barreda Marmedsa Noatum Maritime

I feel that I have benefited a lot from the classes, they have been tailored for me and my job, and a lot of the content has been directly related to our company.

Albert Grau Gaudí Experience

Comptar amb Ontraining per la formació és simplement relaxant, no has d’estar pendent de res, ells s’encarreguen de tot i a tots nivells.

Laura Valero Zeus Química